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06 November 2006 @ 03:32 pm
Melbourne-based Green Group forming  
Hi all,

A group of people concerned about the environment are gathering at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens this Sunday for the inaugural meeting of a Green Sustainability Action Group, as yet officially unnamed.

The group will eventually meet regularly (probably once per month), and establish an online community, or possibly 'piggyback' from an already-established online community (with their permission). A website may eventually be established.

One of the major goals is to share knowledge and ideas about sustainable living, encourage positive action and thought, and spread sustainability in the wider community in a positive and meaningful way.

When: Sunday 12th of November, from 11 am to 2 pm.

Where: For convenience, we'll meet at the main cafeteria at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens. If it's yucky weather, we can stay inside. If it's nice weather, we'll find a sunny patch of grass to have our meeting.

Bring: Please bring your own munchies, drinkies, sun protection etc.
Feel free to bring any interested friends and family members. Children are welcome :-)
Bring a notebook, something to write with, and something to press on (if your notebook has a soft cover).
Bring any ideas you may have about important Green issues, any ideas you may have for a great name for the group (!!), and a willingness to share ideas and communicate in a positive way.

The first points of action will be to nominate a Chairperson (to run the meeting) and a Secretary (to take notes for distribution). This will be done democratically with a vote from all present within the first 15 minutes (by 11:15 am).

Discussion will be managed with a 'talking stick' so that everyone gets a chance for fair participation.

There is only one rule in the group: NO PERSONAL CRITICISM. The goal is to find positive solutions, not to bicker and criticise others who may not be as 'green' as us. We're all on this path and planet together, and need to work constructively together.

Some of the topics we hope to cover in the Group are listed here:

  • Holistic Sustainability
    What it means and how we can work towards it. Cutting our ecological footprints. energy audits, and how to reduce our power/water/gas/petrol usage etc.

  • Community, Culture and Groups
    How to share ideas with the wider community, and the best ways to encourage others to become more 'green'. How to make sustainability more attractive to the general population. Finding other green groups, sourcing inspiration from them.
    Living outside of a consumerist culture, being counter-culture in the post-modern world.
    Tribal identities and rebuilding active, dynamic communities.

  • Activism
    Getting involved.
    Letter writing, electronic protests.
    The place of rallies and physical protests.
    Creative reactionism, ie Lentil Bash, Food not Bombs etc.

  • Food
    Vegan, wholefoods, slow foods, local products, native plants, heritage
    varieties, organics and biodynamics etc.

  • Money
    Financial self-sufficiency, living within our means. Saying no to consumerism, knowing when you have 'enough'.
    Buying secondhand. The place of barter in a capitalist world.

  • Clothing
    Op-shop alternatives. Synthetic vs. natural, plant vs. animal. Home made.
    Sustainable clothing practices.

  • Spirituality
    The urban-pagan on the polluted planet.
    Sacred duties.
    Group and individual rituals to enact global change.

  • Difficulties, problems and pitfalls
    How not to piss off non-sustainable friends
    How to enact change without enacting rage
    The Well of Grief.

Email Leanne at daharja@gmail.com to let us know you're coming (if possible), or just turn up on the day!

Yours in greenness,

Leanne Daharja Veitch.
caliinabox on November 12th, 2006 10:20 pm (UTC)
I would have loved to have come if I knew this was on earlier. Unfortunately I was at my mothers for the weekend, perhaps next time!
Daughter of Fire, Dedicated to Aphroditedaharja on November 13th, 2006 02:24 am (UTC)
Well,feel free to join any future meetings - they'll be posted at greenripples