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Wicca in Australia
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Welcome to the Wicca Aus LJ community, this is meant to be a sounding board for any and all that seek information about the craft or even just a friendly ear to listen.

That said, we know there are fools out there, but, we're aiming to be tollerant and understanding.

This is primarily a site for Queenslanders, or Australians in general as there isn't a lot about magic in the Southern Hemisphere, but, all are welcome, male and female alike.

No matter where you're actually from. Our target group is an older one, but, any who seek are welcome, we're a nice bunch around here, and flaming shalln't be tollerated. Any questions are to be answered, because, there really aren't silly questions, if they come from a genuine desire to learn.

Unless of course they're -actually- a silly question, in which case we'll laugh quietly and still answer politely ;)

Neets and I have almost two decades experience between us when it comes to the craft-though, I am the first to admit I'm really only a novice and rely heavily on the wisdom her husband Iron-Bear is able to offer. It helps having a Pagan High Priest in the house.